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Succeed beyond success is a program created to boost your business. Whether you are working to start with a business or you already have a business we can help you to grow your business to face the challenging times. Our unique approach is based on several proven methodologies but also our intuition. A business plan is very important, but rather than spending and waste time on writing 20,30,40 or 50 pages with numbers and tables we focus on practical methods to kick start your business.

As this is a coaching path, we’ll work together in co-creation to find the answers which are needed. We are not using a one-fits-all approach.

Succeed beyond Success wants you to be successful so you can have a positive impact on your environment and community.

For each step templates, exercises and techniques have been created to explore every element of the phase. This will help you to get clarity on you idea, your product but also to discover the gaps, things that can be improved or need to be tweaked in other to have a more performing companies.

SUCCEED BEYOND SUCCESS is a 5 step program…



During the mindset phase we’ll explore your mindset, your skills and passion. It’s important to have the right mindset, attitude and behavior to have a successful business. We’ll support you in become aware of the different roles you need to play in your business in order to be successful and inspiring.

We’ll guide you in discovering your values, being authentic and what your contribution will be for the community.

Important questions will be:

  • Why starting a business?
  • Who are you as an entrepeneur?
  • What’s your mindset?

 2. IDEA


During the idea phase we’ll have a closer look at your idea. By challenging your idea we’ll make sure your idea is clear and tested. We’ll check if there’s a market and audience for your idea.

In this phase we’ll also have a look at your business model. Your business model needs to be aligned with your product or service, we’ll have a closer look at how you can make money from your product or service.

Important questions will be:

  • Do you have the skills to develop this idea?
  • Which resources do you need?
  • Will there be an audience for your idea?

If you haven’t a great idea yet for a business, don’t worry! We can help you to find a great idea by having an idea creation sessions. Just contact us for a special IDEA CREATION session.



Once your idea is clear, it’s time to turn it into reality. Transferring an idea into a physical product or service is not always easy. With our process we support you to make the transition from idea to service or physical product. We developed some tools to support your in the creation of your product.



Now it’s time to tell the whole world about your product or service. It’s critical that your marketing plan is aligned with your product and service. There are standard methods to promote your product or service but we’ll look beyond these methods. Together we’ll discover other, more creative ways to promote your products and services. By using best practices from different companies we’ll setup a marketing plan that totally fits you.

We’ll look also to other revenue streams. Not many people are aware of additional revenue streams to make money. It’s all about being creative.



If you are starting a business or you have already a business it’s time to focus on growing your business. What can you do to increase the revenue, the margin on your services or products. What are your long term plans or your long term vision?

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Our way of working is based on several methodologies and techniques and has been road tested.