Resources & Tools for Entrepreneurs

Tools I use in my business on daily base.

Email list

Aweber: This is the tool i’m using to build my emaillist and send out newsletters.

Productivity tools

Evernote: A great productivity tools.  I use Evernote on daily as my archives for ideas, links to website,… To me it’s a virtual box where I can drop anything in it and find all the stuff I need within a second.

Dropbox: Dropbox allows me the drop files in a folder on my desktop or laptop and I can access them on all my mobile devices.  I pay for this service, and use it every single day! It’s a folder on your desktop that you can drop files and share them with whoever you want!

Virtual Support

Fiverr: If you are looking for designers to create a business card or logo, Fiverr is the place to be. Great results for a low price.